SIM-AM 2023

Providing a Rigorous Benchmark Measurement Foundation for the AM Modelling Community

  • Levine, Lyle (NIST)
  • Lane, Brandon (NIST)
  • Phan, Thien (LLNL)
  • Stoudt, Mark (NIST)
  • Williams, Maureen (NIST)

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Additive manufacturing (AM) is a transformative technology that enables customized production of parts with geometries that can be too costly, difficult, or in some cases, impossible to produce using traditional manufacturing processes. However, difficulties persist regarding throughput, reproducibility, reliability, and properties of the printed parts. Quantitative modelling is critical for mitigating these challenges, but broad model validation requires community access to extensive benchmark test data. This talk will cover the Additive Manufacturing Benchmark Series (AM Bench) which provides rigorous measurement test data for validating AM simulations for a broad range of AM technologies and material systems. Through a collaboration encompassing more than a hundred scientists from 10 NIST divisions and 20 external organizations, in 2022 AM Bench completed eight large sets of metal and polymer AM benchmark measurements, including feedstock characterization, in situ monitoring, ex situ characterization of residual stresses and part deflection, location specific microstructure characterization before, during and after heat treatments, and mechanical testing. Along with a general overview of AM Bench 2022 measurements, the residual strain and large-area microstructure measurements will be covered in detail.