SIM-AM 2023

3-Dimensional Microstructure Characterization of Laser Powder Bed Fusion IN625 and IN718

  • Schwalbach, Edwin (AFRL)
  • Chapman, Michael (UES)
  • Shah, Megna (AFRL)
  • Uchic, Michael (AFRL)
  • Levine, Lyle (NIST)
  • Hrabe, Nik (NIST)
  • Kafka, Orion (NIST)
  • Moser, Newell (NIST)
  • Belak, Jim (LLNL)

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Laser Powder Bed Fusion processing can produce complex microstructures which vary spatially, both within a build layer, as well as from layer to layer. Experimental characterization of as-built material produced as part of AM-Bench was executed to quantify such microstructures and ultimately inform microstructure modeling efforts. Three-dimensional reconstructions spanning 500 µm × 500 µm × 1000 µm in IN625 and IN718 samples were generated using automated mechanical polishing serial sectioning. Optical microscopy, backscatter electron imaging, and electron back-scatter diffraction data were collected on approximately 500 sections from each sample. Data registration and fusion techniques were then utilized to combine these different data modes to provide detailed characterization of the as-printed surface, internal porosity, grain structure, and local crystallographic orientation.