SIM-AM 2023

Modeling of Mass Transfer of Oxygen and its Influence on Molten Pool Dynamics During Additive Manufacturing

  • Chia, Hou Yi (National University of Singapore)
  • Zhang, Yanming (National University of Singapore)
  • Wang, Lu (National University of Singapore)
  • Yan, Wentao (National University of Singapore)

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Oxygen sources in additive manufacturing can influence the melt pool dynamics and therefore affect part quality. Usually, oxygen is avoided as it is detrimental to part quality. On the other hand, additive manufacturing under reactive atmospheres can create in-situ oxide disperse strengthening or nitriding, improving mechanical properties. In either case, it is crucial to predict and estimate the oxygen flux into the build part during melt pool formation, which still remains unknown. This work aims to critically analyze the mass transfer of oxygen under reaction with the melt pool, and consider the influence of the vapor plume on the oxygen flux during processing. This includes the simultaneous reduction and increase in oxygen content. Combined with a validated surface tension model, the model serves to predict the oxygen flux during the additive manufacturing process to better control the introduction of oxygen into the build part. Moreover, the model can be extended to include other reactive gases.