SIM-AM 2023

Influence of Microstructure on Mechanical Properties of Additively Manufactured Aluminum

  • Bonnaud, Etienne (Swedish Research Institute for Metals)
  • Lindell, David (Swedish Research Institute for Metals)
  • Holländer Pettersson, Niklas (Swedish Research Institute for Metals)
  • Hagström, Joacim (Swedish Research Institute for Metals)

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Correlations between microstructure and mechanical properties in additively manufactured aluminum components have been investigated. Mechanical properties in the vertical direction (building direction) and in the horizontal direction (in-plane direction) are markedly different. Observations by scanning electron microscopy reveal Si segregation, texture in the build direction and different grain morphologies. The different mechanical behaviors between vertically and horizontally printed specimens are here addressed by means of kinetical simulations of diffusion and crystal plasticity simulations.