SIM-AM 2023

A parallel-in-time approach to high-fidelity part-scale simulation of metal additive manufacturing

  • Bement, Matthew (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  • Coleman, John (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

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One of the primary challenges in simulating an additive manufacturing process such as laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) for an entire component is the drastically varying length and time scales. As a consequence, the number of time steps required for a high fidelity LPBF process simulation of an entire component can easily reach into the billions, which is impractical with typical simulation codes. We have developed a computationally scalable approach to simulating the LPBF process for an entire component. This technique has been demonstrated successfully on heat-transfer-only simulations. In this talk, we present the results of attempting to apply and modify the technique when fluid flow in the melt pool is considered.