SIM-AM 2023

Numerical Investigation of Vibration Properties of Chiral Structures with Artifical Structural Anisotropy

  • Noguchi, Shun (Tokyo University of Science)
  • Ushijima, Kuniharu (Tokyo University of Science)

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A chiral structure is a shape that is in a mirror-image relationship and cannot overlap. These properties exist not only in the palm of the hand, but also in shells, goat horns, and many other objects in nature, and they are applied in many scientific fields, including physics, biology, and chemistry. Examples include the physics of elementary particles, the structure of biomolecules, and nonlinear optics. Artificially constructed chiral structures of rotating bodies and their connecting ligaments have been studied by Davood et al. to have advanced mechanical and physical properties (storage and rigidity control) that are not available with common materials [1]. In recent years, due to the rapid development of additive manufacturing technology,