SIM-AM 2023


On Two-Scale Topology Optimization for AM

  • Hoemberg, Dietmar (Weierstrass Institute)

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Subject of my presentation is a novel approach for optimizing both the macroscopic shape and the porous mesoscopic structure of components. In the first part of my presentation I will introduce the concept of phasefield based topology optimization. The second part of my presentation is devoted to two-scale topology optimization. The key feature here is the introduction of an additional local volume control (LVC), which allows to adjust the desired spatial scales. The main novelty is that the radius of the LVC may depend both on space and a local stress measure. This allows for creating optimal topologies with heterogeneous mesostructures enforcing any desired spatial grading and accommodating stress concentrations by stress dependent pore size. I will present some analytical results for the resulting optimal control problem and conclude with numerical results showing the versatility of our approach for creating optimal macroscopic designs with tailored mesostructures.